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Each project is unique! An individual project will be ‘shaped’ by the Project Brief, the Client circumstances and arrangements, the existing site circumstances, plus the numerous project stakeholder requirements, interests and expectations. The successful delivery of a project, especially a construction project, will require a proactive, diligent and coordinated approach – with professional inputs required from a wide and diverse assembly of people and organizations.

Regardless of size, cost and design, most construction projects introduce complex delivery requirements. Also, due to the unique nature of every project, there is often no standard approach to managing a project’s successful delivery. A simplistic assessment of a project manager’s role could state that the project manager can manage a project’s delivery plus advise, assist and/or undertake any/all client decisions, duties and responsibilities.

Everyone has a different outlook and aspirations. Some clients may wish to take a central and active role in the management of their project – where other clients may not have the time or confidence to undertake project management responsibilities. Where clients ‘fit’ within these two extremes, a project management support services may be of value. The project management services as listed below can provide an initial guide for discussion.

The activities most commonly involved with construction project management include:

  • Supporting and guiding the client(s) through each project stage
  • Identifying and developing the client brief
  • Leading and managing project teams
  • Identifying and managing project risks
  • Establishing communication and management protocols
  • Managing the strategy and feasibility stages
  • Establishing the project budget and project programme
  • Co-ordinating legal and other regulatory consents
  • Advising the selection/appointment of the project team
  • Managing the integration and flow of design information
  • Prepare a Design Development Plan (sometimes viewed as a design lead document)
  • Managing the preparation of design and construction programmes/schedules and critical path method networks
  • Advising on alternative procurement strategies
  • Conducting tender evaluation and contractor selection
  • Establishing control benchmarks for project scope, quality, function/ performance, cost and time
  • Controlling, monitoring and reporting on project progress, and
  • Administering consultancy and construction contracts

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