Arts Facility, Brannams

Project: MUSIC AND PERFORMING ARTS FACULTY Client: PETROC Contractor: Loosemore Builders RGP Architects were asked by Petroc to help provide them with a music and performing arts faculty. We investigated an number of possible buildings in the area and located a former pottery facility that was suitable. Once terms were agreed with the owners,RGP was appointed to refurbish the former pottery offices and production unit into a music and performing arts faculty. Accommodation also included staff facilities, cafeteria and a large performing arts venue. The refurbishment of existing offices into teachingaccommodationand re use of facilities such as 'sound pods' from elsewhere in Petroc kept construction cost and program of works to a minimum. RGP Architects undertook the planning, building regulations, contract procurement and administered the building contract through to completion on time and within budget. This phase 1 of development at Brannams led directly onto the Master Planning of the remainder of the land to provide an alternative future campus site for the rest of the college. The second phase of this Master Plan manifested itself in the provision of the Multi Faculty Teaching Mini Campus next door, a third phase has planning consent and a fourth phase is currently seeking planning approval.