Public Enjoyment

Designing properties for plublic use, leisure, recreation, tourism or retail, brings into play many additional areas for consideration. RGP Architects is fully aware of the need to provide excellent visual presentations for consultation for committees and the public before some projects can proceed.

Public and leisure buildings have become a more prominent part of the RGP Architects portfolio.

Interesting and Challenging

The public and leisure sectors and interesting and challenging. They require high standards of design and detailing to suit the Client briefs and specialist disciplines including building services, structural engineering and interior design.

Successful Delivery

RGP Architects has successfully delivered a wide range of projects including: multi-use sports halls, gyms, tennis venues, sporting club facilities, spa retreats, hotels and guest houses, tourist information centres, museums, visitor attractions, cafes, restaurants, multi-use halls and auditoria, community facilities, town council offices and community facilities, public and private swimming pools, holiday camp facilities, pubs, clubs and theatres.